I Wish

You know what they say about wishing in one hand and spitting in the other… Even so, I wish CFAI would add L2 retesting to December. The ONLY L2 people would be those that had previously failed - not first-timers. This ensures nobody finishes faster than they do now. Here’s my case for it: * CFAI already has the overhead of renting a facility and proctoring the exam because of L1 December testing. * Revenue from registrations would probably go up, or at least be realized earlier. * L2 is all scantron now. There wouldn’t be a need to have graders sifting through subjective answers. There is also L1 grading that has to be done and it’s scantron as well. * To reiterate, this scheme wouldn’t allow those able to pass on the first time through to complete all three exams any faster than they are doing it now. It would only serve to allow L2 fails to catch up to where they were - potentially. Downside ========== * Fewer people may be discouraged, ultimately increasing the number of charterholders, and reducing it’s exclusivity/value. * More test questions would have to be written for L2. Keep in mind that I just failed, so this seems like a great idea to me! If I had passed, I probably wouldn’t be much of an advocate for this. Maybe I should be grateful of the one-year delay since I have no choice but to enjoy my life for the next few months instead of study. That’s hardly a downside, although I’m not crazy about pushing everything out another year.