i wish

that jonathan boone didn’t pontificate FSA on the schweser vids. i don’t know about you guys/gals but i’d rather have the econ/corp. fin. lady take his place any day. sorry, just wanted to vent my frustration…

ahhh, makes me enjoy Olinto even more knowing that. sorry niraj.

Yeah…but we have to deal with Ben jones for eco…not much help from him. Can’t wait to start on FSA P.O.

very true. i always find myself fast forwarding through his stuff. he drives me crazy.

every provider has its vices…carry on

Olinto is the man tho. There is almost no need to even read FSA because he explains every word in the text.

I agree , In L1, I could hear almost his voice as I approached some of the Q’s.

double post

any one wanna exchange just FSA video of stall with anything of schweser ? I have complete schweser material and I am finding FSA very difficult plz

mission.cfa, you’re probably gonna get banned if you keep this up