i woke up in beast mode. monster or red bull or rockstar? do you energy drink? is it safe lt?

do you use this to make mixed drinks?

Used to.


Probably not bad in moderation. My concern would be if you are drinking the high sugar ones or the extra large cans or drinking multiple cans a day etc. Would apply the same rule for sugary coffee drinks (Starbucks) and sodas. I have been trying to limit my caffeine intake to my pre-workout before the morning gym session. If I run out of pre-workout powder then sometimes I will replace it with a sugar free red bull or 5 hour energy. I never drink caffeine after 3pm, definitely don’t mix it with booze, and always drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Just don’t combine this regime with no fap, or your scrotum will literally explode.

If you already wake up in beast mode, why do you need an energy drink?

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