I wonder this method really true to find out test result

In the lv2 forum, I can see one comment about implied signal on test result before due date.

By this time I think the results should be in the system already to be quite frank. They don’t work on weekends and Monday alone isn’t enough time to make or do any changes.

Last year was all about the scholarship thing as to whether or not you can apply for a scholarship. Being with 1 box and 2 box. 1 box was you CAN NOT apply for scholarship (pass) and two is you CAN apply for scholarship (fail).’

and terribly, I can see two box now, and anyone there who can see the only one box? It’s very nervous to waiting result.

Wouldn’t that apply mostly for level 3 candidates? If you pass level 3, you do not need to apply for scholarship so the box might disappear. But for level 1 and 2, regardless you pass or not, you should be able to get a scholarship since you are not at the end of the program.

There are no implied signals.

Wait till Tuesday. Then you’ll know. Not before.

It’s all unverified theory. Like if you get a survey email after the exam, supposedly you passed.