I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah! Riding the crash. Better to buy now than

with S&P at 2400. SPY at 240. SSO at 77.
SPY on December 2016
SSO on November 2016

spy at 255. Currently we are still at a 25% drop. its been about a month from the peak of 340 and a low of 218. the drop has been so fast and so steep its almost astonishing.
interesting stat. in all of stock market history. bear runs which i define as any point with over 20% drop or greater. usually reached it from peak to trough at a min of 4 months, and an average of 17 months and a max of 32 months. we reached the current bottom of 35% drop in a month. so imo, we have some tougher times ahead still, but who knows, maybe this will go down in current recorded history as the shortest bear market.

The underlying shitty fundamentals are still there. The fact that Covid-19 hasn’t brought down the unfit companies doesn’t mean that if say spy recovers to it’s 01/2020 levels, everything’s fine and dandy.

It hasn’t brought it down yet. Because no one has even reported a quarter. Everyone will have to air out their dirty laundry pretty soon. And then we can kind of guesstimate the impact for q2.