I wrote a blog on how I found success with the CFA exams.

I know there are different ideas on how to study, but this is what I found to work for me.Hopefully, it will help some of you.

Hey, very nice on what you did here. Appreciate it. Good luck for L3

Thank you! Best of luck to you too.

You forgot to mention in your blog how AF is a great resource for tips on personal nutrition, South Asian culture, digestive health, and luxury men’s accessories as well.

This is true. The water cooler is a magical place.

Good write up. Drawings made me smile.

Good job.

is that a brown chair or did you shit your pants?

“I think Nicholas Cage was in this movie.” :grin:

Good luck with LIII! :+1:

Thank you, that was my favorite one too :wink:

I linked to your blog.

Great blog post – an illustrated journey through a plan that worked.

Dude this is hilarious. I literally published the exact same post today on my blog. I was coming to Analyst Forums to share and YOUR DISCUSSION WAS THE FIRST ONE I SAW. Good luck on L3!

Thanks for your work from lvl 3 candidate as well!