IB Cover Letter

Did you guys see this?

And the replies:

Yes. If it were my firm, he’d be instantly dinged since he did not go to a Top 5 Undergraduate program. I’d then instruct him to saw his nutsack off.

He forgot to say “no homo” when he offered to do the guys laundry. ding him.

At least it makes him stand out. His chances went from 0% to somewhere between 0% and 100%.

Quick not slick. I respect that.

haha your posts recently are hilarious!

seriously though… of course this guy’s cover letter would get a call back or interview. Think about it. The guy practically said he’ll be the office slave for no pay. Bring coffee, get dry cleaning, run to pick up lunch etc.

The optimism is really unfounded, because he’ll likely learn nothing about finance even if he got the job, and just be used for errands. It’s an exchange. Office gets a free slave, and the kid gets to put something on his resume.

The only downside is when someone asks him about his experience and what he did at this “job”. He better be able to BS something.