IBM,MSFT,GOOG Triple Miss on Bottom Line...

Hope this reality sinks in enough for the open tomorrow. IBM missed both EPS and Rev too.

C’mon lock, some of us have 401ks to look after.

Futures are higher…

Yup. Asia markets are choppy, but Dow Futures seems to be in denial, up a fair amount. Too early for me to think about damage control though. Well, not the best way to go to sleep tonight. I’m going to try to just drift off to bed. Don’t want to think anymore or look at the tape.

My clothing reaks like korean bbq. It was tasty.

I think you need to get more hobbies…


Lock you alright homie?

Lock how you holding up?

Took a jog. Now in a dive pub, listening to

Tom Petty. It could have been much worse, but also could’ve been

better. Well that describes most things.

gonna get a mild buzz on and walk to the

79thst Boat Basin cafe along the f-///-- Hudson River until Monday.

Don’t fall in boss.

Unless you are about to retire imminently, it is better for your 401k if the market falls since you will be able to buy in cheaper.

^ That is 100% correct, yet I’m surprised how so many people don’t think that way.

Depends on why the market falls, right? If it’s for irrational reasons, maybe you could argue that it will just rebound. If someone blows up New York, I bet the market will fall and it will be bad for your long term wealth.

It’s rational to want your stocks to go down so you can invest more, but people usually don’t have a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines waiting to pour in. So IMO, you should always keep dry powder when you’re hunting for elephants.