ICONV and compounding conversions

Just a quick question if I may.

I know the formula for the compounding periodocity conversions but i want to know if this can be done with the ICONV function on the BA11 calculator.

for example a semi-anual compounding of 3.582% converted to quarterly compounding = 3.5661%

( 1+ (0.03582 / 2) )^2 = ( 1+ (APR / 4) )^4

simplifies to

1.01791 = ( 1+ APR/4)^2

eventually solves to APR = 3.5661

How do you do this calculation with the ICONV function in case my brain experiences melt down during the exam?

Set EFF NOM to 3.582 and C/Y to 2 and solve for the effective annual interest rate (3.61408). Reset C/Y to 4 and recompute NOM. You should end up with 3.5661.

Fixed my mistake. blush

Ok thats great. I think i was somehow messing up the calculation with the calculator. Is clear now.