ID requirements for exam

I read through the requirements. Their recommendation is a passport. They say a govt. issued picture id is acceptable. That would mean a state driver’s license is ok right? I know I’m just being paranoid, but that would be crazy to show with an improper ID.

DL will work. MAke sure yours is current. I know a guy that showed up for the exam one year that was the day after his birthday, and they wouldn’t let him sit because his license was expired by one day. That was Level 1 and that was back when they only offered it once a year. AS you can imagine, he was none too thrilled.

In the UK drivers licences are two-part documents (you have the photo-id part and the paper part) Two-part ID’s are not accepted according to the CFA website. Just something to be aware of.

just bring your passport. You don’t need that extra stress on exam day.

In canada, government-issued medicare cards and driver licenses should be fine for the exam Personally, I`m taking both mentionned cards along with my passport and my exam ticket. Better be safe, especially that it costs me nothing to do so…

iblees82 where in canada are you?

iblees, not sure which province you’re in, but if you’re in ON, ohip is not govt issued.

Holy crap good call… I registered after I moved and don’t have my new liscence yet.

I`m in Montreal, Quebec. drivers license and medicare are both issued by the provincial govt…

Yes Quebec is different in a lot of aspects

hahahaha it sure is! :slight_smile: