Idea for learning behavioral Finance Game

I just went over behavioral, and I wanted to keep it fresh in my mind… so I was trying to apply it to everyone’s posts… Like pimp’s “CFAI trickery” I think is Aversion to Ambiguity? Cuz he doesn’t like the Unknown? Or Input’s post “level III fallacy” would be a psychological call option? kind of? Or by me posting this I’m confirming evidence?..I though it would be a good way to learn the heuristics stuff and see how it’s used, if we posted any applicable heuristic to someone’s posts… (since there were no end of chapter practice examples, and it’s like 5% of the test)… I don’t know just wanted to share what’s running through my head… officially lost in CFA world now… I need something relatively entertaining vs. performance attribution… And can someone please confirm or unconfirm if I’m right on any of my “diagnosis”?.. (or else I would be overconfident, and not know I’m wrong, and not even know I don’t have the knowledge to recognize that I’m wrong…?.. you know the one I’m talking about)…

you fell in the recallability trap, as you only recall some of the posts. Please give us a complete and objective analysis. :slight_smile:

Due to cognitive dissonance since I have selective memory… right?

We all suffer from overconfidence (on this thread) that by thinking since we’ve studied the material we can apply it to ever situation. We all have fear of regreat, otherwise we wouldn’t be on the forum in the first place.

I’m going to suffer from classic Herding and jump on this bandwagon and reply.

lol… i almost forgot the herding one already…

Belron = Overconfidence