Ideal amount of time for review

Let’s say you do one pass through of the CFAI official curriculum while taking notes and doing each EOC once.

How much time do you think is ideal to budget for review, mocks, etc.?

Hours and time horizon? (for example, 100 hours over 5 weeks… 120 hours over 10 weeks. )

there’s no right answer to these kinds of questions. This is like asking that how much practice will it take for me to run a sub 3:30 marathon. It all depends on your current situation, what your background is, how well your preparation has gone so far.

This is how I see it: this is the last hurrah. Review until you know this stuff like the back of your hand. How many hours it takes doesn’t matter because if you fail, you need to wait another year, which is a much greater pain in the ass than putting in the extra hours of review now.

yeah but its still fun to hear everyone’s input…

With a little over three months to go, I’m budgeting the time left for:

  1. Mid March - finish reading and note-taking on entire curriculum

  2. End of March - first deep study and examples/EOCs

  3. April - Continue online topic tests, review notes, mocks

  4. May - review notes, mocks

  5. June - review notes. Do the CFAI mocks first week of June.

Supposing you’ve already covered all the material, then it is never to early to start practicing past AM papers, don’t delay on this!

I started my mocks for all 3 levels in May.

1 Month for Review. Maybe take combined quizzes with multiple topics in, say, 20-30 question quizzes.

1-2 months for Mocks/Full Test Taking. 1 Mock a weekend + Review of Same Mock over Same Weekend = 8 Mocks, give or take.

1-2 Weeks of Tightening/Tweaking before D-Day.