Ideal time to start Practice exams

Although I started early, I still feel underprepared:( Was thinking of starting my practice exams by the 23rd, but everyone seems to think that is a little too late. I am currently going over the subjects and doing Qbank questions related to that. What about you guys?

I am going to do the same thing. Between revising & trying out the tests, it is difficult to balance. I will be taking a sample exam on 17th and mocks a week later.

i am also preparing to start by the 27th ,i amtrying to cover the material once more as i have several subjects that i need a lot more

From a Level 4… I’d suggest starting the practice exams as soon as possible, and you should time yourself too. Unless they’ve changed how it’s done, Schweser provides three full exams, and you could take one half at a time, and maybe do a full simulation of the real thing on the weekend before the exam (morning at 9 am, afternoon at 2 pm, with a two-hour break in between). Yes, you’ll miss some questions and you probably won’t do as well as you’d hope, but you’ll have time to review and learn from your mistakes. I didn’t know about this forum for L1 and I didn’t have the CFA books, but my feeling was that if I knew Schweser really well and I had reviewed all the practice exams in depth, then I’d be fine. And that was the case for L1 and L2.

It really comes down to what your comfortable with. I am spreading out mocks and samples throughout the month and reviewing as I go.

Last Saturday. Do as many as you can (multiple times if possible).