Ideas for a firm to research

Hi everyone! I’m a first time poster. Still an undergrade finance major and I’m looking for some suggestions from y’all. I will be writing a report and presenting in class on a company from a particular “segment” of the financial services industry. My assigned “segment” is Hedge Funds/Venture Capital and the company our professor suggested was Harris & HArris, Inc. I was looking more towards a hedge fund to research. So I would be open to any ideas on a hedge fund that is registered to cover. Things covered in the report include: general state of the industry and the specific company financial analysis and review of a specific company risk management regulatory environment future of the industry I want to cover an important company in their respective industry so I can benefit from this assignment Thanks for any suggestions.

Gildee, Your not going to be able to obtain all the information required for this report for a hedge fund - specifically financial analysis and review of a specific company and risk management. I’d stick with your professors recommendation.

You’ve got a few choices: Fortress, GLG (trades as FRH), Man Group are probably the most prominent public names. Oak Tree is sort of public, but I’m not sure if you can get their information. Blackstone has some hedge funds but it’s clearly not a pure player. Och-Ziff and KKR have filed S-1s, but there’s not as much information for them as for the first three.

Thanks for the feedback! Any other ideas on some firms in the Venture Capital/Hedge Fund arena that could work well for this assignment??

He pretty much gave you the list you should work with. Another option would be a business development company, which is pretty much a public mid-market private equity firm. The two most prominent examples are Allied Capital (ALD) and American Capital Strategies (ACAS).

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) would also be interesting. Although they’re not technically a hedge fund and best known to people outside the industry as a retail internet brokerage, their subsidiary Timber Hill is a massive market maker in most equity options and is rumored to trade based on their own proprietary strategy as opposed to just making markets. This could be interesting from the risk-management perspective…

Bloomberg ticker AMAF…no analyst coverage. Could be a nice way to start up some interest in the stock. Willy