Ideas for IoT devices

Bought one of those kits for building internet of things devices. After several hours of work, I successfully attached a temperature sensor to the toilet water and now there is a little buzzer sound and a blinking led light when someone goes for a N1 or 2.

So now looking for inspiration for a new project. Ideas?

I have an app that scans the length, circumference and approximate weight (due to density scan) of turds each visit to the throne. It even comes with a screensaver that has recent turds bouncing across the screen (you can customize the colors, its great). The app is on the app store. Its $0.99 but worth it. TurdScan

What about a device that sends you a text or maybe even orders more oxypowder before you run out?

A toilet attachment that scans for user interface (i.e. a butt scanner), measures the mass of physical matter deposited, and publishes the result on social media to be compared with other users.

The social media angle seems like a good idea and doable, now I just need to figure out how to connect my system to the internet. Oxypowder looks too complicated, but maybe I could log the frequency of poops and send a reminder to buy oxypowder or eat plums if it has been too long since last job.

I’ve never had oxypowder. It sounds horrific.

a sensor akin to those used by golf simulators to calculate the velocity and trajectory of your turds. view screen attachment sold separately.