Ideas - Trader Presentation

Im a compensation analyst… i have been given a whole heap of market data and have to prepare a 15 minute compensation presentation for a head trader tomorrow…apparently he is a typical trader (whatever that means)… he wants it short, succinct, to the point, no bullsht, etc etc… my question is, do any of you have any ideas on how I should present this? last year he apparently lost all interest in the presentation… do you traders like looking at whizzy excel graphs? tables? what would you like to see, or what would you hate to see?

Traders like to see $$$. That is all.

What’s a compensation analyst?

basically work out what everyone in the bank gets paid…work out salary grids based on market data…working out bonus pools, making sure we pay top performers enough to keep them working for us, making sure we have enough money to pay guarantees… the presentation im preparing is an analysis of how the bank paid compared to our peers… any ideas?