Identification Information


is there anyone of you ever propose a change for identification information?

i recently renewed my passport because it will be expired it less than 6 months and if i didn’t renew it i won’t be able to enter singapore, the country that i will take the test in (studying purpose)

my question is,

1)where can we find the current information, the name, passport, etc. in cfa website?

  1. does suffix prefix matter? because i have no such prefix in my passport but in the change request form there is the column for prefix and suffix, should i leave it blank?

Thank you.

Frederick F

Hi Frederick,

Visit the CFA institute website and go to the Candidate resources (Here you will find the information about identification policy).

And in the case you are not able to update or change you can mail them directly at

Good question. I need to change my passport soon as well…

Btw do this.

Log onto CFA, hover your mouse over the Programs tab and click CFA Program. Click Register Now, you’ll be led to the Account Home page. For Prefix, click Update Your Personal Profile, and you’ll see it.

For current/old information go back, and click CFA program Level 1 registration and you’ll be led to the registration confirmation page and you can see all your old passport details located in the bottom right quadrant. Cheers.

Hope i’m correct.

Thanks for the reply people =)

yes this is absolutely correct, i get what i was asking for, thanks