"Identify" - 2007 CFAI Exam

In the 2007 CFAI Exam, question 3 says to ‘identify’ two psychological traps they have fallen into. “Identify” is described as “To establish identity of; to show or prove the sameness of” The answers provide definitions for each psychological traps. I just named the traps and then “justified” my answer. Does “identify” mean “define”?

When the question instructions you to “identify,” my interpretation has always been to just write the term. “Describe,” for example, means you have to write about it.

That is how I interpret it too. But the answers from CFAI define the traps as well (in the boxes where you are supposed to ‘identify’). I could just assume that this is CFAI being overly thorough in their answers and not expecting us to answer the same way…but I don’t want to lose points just because I didn’t define something (when I knew the defn). sometimes i feel like cfai doesn’t speak the same language as me…and english is my first (and only) language