For the Identify/Justify type questions how much detail do you think is required on the identify part? I’m specifically thinking of the 2007 exam behavioral bias question. For example, I’m assuming it’s enough to put “Confirming Evidence Trap” without giving the sort of one-sentence definition in the model answer. If this isn’t the case, I’m toast – even for the concepts I’ve got down cold it’d take me five minutes to come up with a pithy little descriptive phrase to fit in those nice little boxes…

Don’t just define it though, mention what thing in the fact pattern it applies to, or say what the consequence is (depending on which they’re asking for).

Definitely would link it back to the facts in the “justify” part of the question. But in the “identify” part I’d have to believe that it would suffice to say “Confirming Evidence Trap” without adding “this is when somebody pays attention only to information that supports their view and ignores information that contradicts their view…blah blah blah”.