Identity theft victim

So someone breaks into my mailbox at my apartment complex. They get hold of credit card offers and open these accounts. The fraud prevention department of the credit card company got suspicious and contacted me. They said I would not be liable for any charges and made a note of the identity theft on my account. I filed a police report and set up fraud alerts on my record at the major credit bureaus. What else needs to be done and how will this affect my credit in the future? Also seems like my mailbox seems to be repeatedly targeted…any ideas how to prevent the crooks from breaking in again (other than getting a p.o. box)? Thanks for any suggestions!

Cut off all your paper invoices/statements. Get electronic invoices.

The cr card company I think can send you a letter pretty much saying this was theft so if by weird chance you let’s say apply for your next mortgage and this shows up, you can send the letter which clears you and says the charges were fraudulent. I had someone take my SS # a few yrs back (no idea how) and open up a cell phone acct. I didn’t know until I applied for a mortgage- it was like $300 bucks unpaid, some sketchy dorchester MA address, but was annoying to get kind of wiped off of the credit score to get solid credit for the mortgage. I’d agree, paperless is better, get a shredder and shred your mail going forward. Scary world we live in.

Banni, So you too are a victim of a thug from diechester (not Dorchestor)…part and parcel of living in Boston:) What do you think about chances of patriots making to play off without Brady?

Lock the mailbox?

Do you guys ever get paper invoices anymore, or is it recommended to switch completely to electronic? I usually get paper ones because I like to save a printed copy of my statements, not to mention that I don’t always remember to save PDF’s when they post them online. However, maybe it is easier this way. I’m much more concerned about personal security. Let me know what you think guys…never had to worry about someone breaking into my mailbox, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

electronic definitely way to go. I don’t know if you can do it in the states, but over here you can put a password on your credit file. That means that if anyone applies for credit in your name, they have to give the password. Edit: here you go:

i’m a broncos fan but sorry about tom brady. i’d love to see buffalo finally make the playoffs and i have to like favre because he’s favre, but i hope the pats endure and do ok this year. i do most of my stuff electronic now, but i’m not convinced it’s necessarily soooo much safer than paper. mail stealers, hackers, heck- once way back i joined a gym and literally a few days afterwards i got a call from my cr card co. saying someone was trying to use my card to make some sketchy “donation” to some fake church type organization but thankfully the cr card co. said no way no day on it. so you can’t really trust anything/anyone. i feel like cr card companies are pretty good about fraud in general and catch things quickly. a bit scary to think of big brother kind of knowing your habits and stuff so that they know as soon as something odd comes up, but they do a good job. i haven’t looked much at the stuff above, but i’d think this might be a good idea. might check that out.