Idiots at Stalla

I used Stalla for Level 1 and for Level 2 both of which I passed on my first attempt. Now that I registered for the 2008 Level 3 exam, they are sending me the 2007 level 1 books, and they have already sent me one of the 2008 level 1 books. I have already called them on the phone and emailed them a PDF copy of my internet receipt which clearly mentions that I purchased level 3. How can they be so messed up?

Sorry this post was supposed to be on the General Discussion Board not on the level 1 discussion board. My bad. I have already posted in on the General Discussion Board. Can someone please delete it from Level 1?

LOL I can understand that…

This is either rather witty humor or really ironic

I love this.

This certainly made up for my crappy morning.

Incase if you want me to sell Level I stalla Notes , please let me know Regards Bala