Idiots at Stalla

I used Stalla for Level 1 and for Level 2 both of which I passed on my first attempt. Now that I registered for the 2008 Level 3 exam, they are sending me the 2007 level 1 books, and they have already sent me one of the 2008 level 1 books. I have already called them on the phone and emailed them a PDF copy of my internet receipt which clearly mentions that I purchased level 3. How can they be so messed up?

they did the same thing to me. sent me level I books for my level II exam.

Big deal. It is not like it is march and you need the books right away. They helped you pass the last two levels.

has anyone received level II books from stalla yet?

Probably a shipping error–not a big deal.

ya its not a huge deal, but they do this shit all the time. they have a great product (I went 3 for 3 with Stall + CFAI) but their service is totally screwed up. I order stuff from online stores all the time, and i’ve never had as many issues as I did when ordering from Stalla.

performing Level 1 firm analysis on Stalla… hm… i dun think level 1 talks about customer satisfaction or returned products… but revenue UP because they got money from you guys haha. im so doomed.

Bob Stalla must be working in the shipping/receiving department.

I called them and I will simply have to ship back the level 1 books that they shipped by mistake and I should receive the level 3 books as soon as they are ready. It really is no big deal, just a lot of hastle especially since I am working internationally I will have to pay international shipping. On the other hand, if their level 3 books work as well for me as the first 2 levels this will be the last time that I ever have to deal with them. Actually, after this hastle, even if I don’t pass level 3 I think that this is the last time I will work with them.

i hope they reimburse you for the shipping!

If they don’t, I will let you know!

Do they want you to ship the books back to them? I know someone who might be interested in obtaining the level 1 books from you? :slight_smile:

I guess that is precisely my biggest gripe. They have old 2007 books and hand and as a curtesy they send them out to people who order 2008 books. This is so you can start working on something while you wait for the 2008 books to be ready. The problem here is not only that they sent me 2007 level 1 books instead of 2007 level 3 books; but that now they are going to send me 2008 level 1 books instead of the 2008 level 3 books that I paid for until I can get all of the level 1 books that they have erroneously shipped to me back to them. Since I am working internationally and mail can be slow around here, and furthermore they are already shipping me 2008 level 1 books I am sure that at least a few volumes are going to cross in the mail before this is all sorted out.

They finally sent me out the level III books, but now instead of sending me the books along with the CD’s (videos & passmaster) they sent me two packages with books (no CD’s). Knowing how they work they probably won’t send me my CD’s until I send them back the extra books which will only further cut into my study time. All I can say is that this is the last time that I am ever using Stalla.

Passmaster was shipped seperatly, most of us aren’t gettign them until sometime this week…so just be patience