If $700b bill pass, Dow down 300; If not, down 1,000

What do you think?

dunno what’s gonna happen if it’s passed, the market will definitely tank if they don’t when are they voting on it?

supersharpshooter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > when are they voting on it? The Senate passed the bill last night and now the House votes tomorrow on it.

Tomorrow. I’d say down either way, financials will prob rally and get smacked with a whole lot of selling.

Bill passed. Dow’s 300 point gain was all erased by now…

Here it comes, the afternoon sell-off… Dow will close down 100 I predict

Flat…I predict.

Yea, I’m just being my usual perma-bear self… Flat sounds correct

Orrrr even more than I predicted… Ouch

DJIA closed at a 3 year low.