if anyone wants to get rid of their 2008 LII books

send me an email and let me know what you want for them. bmcdanie@vt.edu

Dude 30% material will change for next year. When did you take L1? Did you pass L1 already?

Seriously, take some time off.

I’m just trying to get some summer/fall reading in before I actually start studying in December. I’m aware the info will change a bit, but it won’t hurt to have some background on the info that does not change. I found with L1 it took me two and a half months just to get thru the CFA books, that put me a little behind where I wanted to be at about the 3 month mark. This should shorten that time frame.

register in July as soon as results are out and you will get your material within a week.

If you really can’t wait, try eBay or craigslist.

widespread, do yourself a favor and read something for fun. And if you are truly hell bent on reading CFA related material, read Ben Graham…its way better than going back over all the study material, and will make you more inclined to get into in come december than if you’ve never taken any time off.

i thought the books aren’t out till about October…

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > register in July as soon as results are out and > you will get your material within a week. listen to this guy. Trust me, as someone who took Level 1 in Dec and went straight home, borrowed a FSA book for level 2 and went at it right around Christmas, nothing is worse than losing the will to study in the second week of May, which is exactly what will happen to you more than likely. Take a month off and if you really, really can’t wait, register as soon as they will let you and start at your leisure. But starting in January is plenty of time if you are dedicated.

bud how did you do? You are from Boston right and you took John Harris’s class, right?

not from Boston, but I did take Harris class. I feel fairly confident that i scored in the mid-60s range and have a good shot of passing. I killed FSA and ethics and a few other vignettes. Had some trouble on econ and derivatives. We will see. But I feel okay really. Mostly just glad to be done.