If each Asset Class was an RPG class...

Stocks = Mages

Cash = Paladins

Gold = Priests

Treasuries = Warriors

Real Estate = Druids

Other metals = Shamans

Derivatives = Death Knights

Me, I’m more of a bourbon man.

I bet even a total D&D nerd would be taken aback by how dumb this analysis is.

Real estate = druids? Other metals = shamans? What could possibly be the logic behind those choices?

It’s more fun to assign classes to AF posters.

bromion: Wild Mage (of course)

itera: Some kind of elf. I don’t know, but clearly Lawful Evil

bchad: Gorion from Baldur’s Gate

Palantir: Orc berserker

greenman: human cleric or possibly paladin

I can’t believe he doesn’t have thief as a class. I nominate commisions-based brokers.

Where’s Frisian when you need him? He could probably assign an asset class to each of the dragons.

Red Dragon = US Large caps, because they’re the biggest and baddest class out there

etc. etc.


Blake: red player who is kos in every town, yet he is only level 20

This thread stalled out at launch, nice save though… i lol’d

Gringo = priest, Anomen

Rahul Roy = Jan Janssen

Wendy = Jaheira

Mage is my natural class.

This thread is gold.

LOL’d at the Blake comment and itera’s chart and alignment…clearly LE