If EOCs are so important, what do you do...

…for readings that have no EOCs? I had this problem in L1 economics, and now again in L2. A number of readings have no end of chapter questions. And some readings have very limited questions, which don’t cover the entire section. How, in those cases, do you test and reinforce your understanding of the readings?

valid point. sometimes CFAI puts together some chapters and asks you cross-chapter EOCs. don’t remember if that was the case wit eco… my strategy was reading Schweser and doing their EOC (cover all stuff). with this basis I did all CFAI EOC; gave me a solid understanding. most valuable (I did them three(!!) times) was CFAI EOC on FSA (even then FSA kicks ass on the real exam).

Good question. I personally felt on level 1 that there just weren’t enough questions in the EOC’s so I opted for Stalla. 1000’s of questions you can work with. It’s expensive, but worth it IMO.

for level 2 there are more than enough questions…the sections that dont have EOC’s are very small. still within the chapter you will have examples that you can work through.

Most of the readings that did not have EOC’s were not tested that heavy and the questions were conceptual don’t stress about it, use Schweser for these sections. As stated above do the EOC’s as much as possible Especially, FRA, Equity and Ethics. Cover some of the “Newer Readings” hard they love to cover that stuff. Make sure you pound Ethics, the questions are a little different than L1. I see people fail with 70> on derivs but 50< on Ethics. To score 70+ derivs takes allot of time use some of that time to master Ethics it is not hard at all and it has a high weight.

If they don’t have EOC questions then I would write some myself to make sure that there are ample amount of EOC questions to study. Very important.