IF I fail in JUNE'09,can i use the same material(both cfa and stalla) for dec'09?

Please advice

yes to all.

thank u…and i assume u mean no changes at all …right?


will be same


need more opinions on this guys…feel free to share ur wisdom


It is the same. Remember reading it on the CFAI and Schweser websites. Also see the front cover of the material, it says Level 1 2009 and not June 2009. Trust me it will be the exactly the same.

thanks a ton JAFFELS.

similiar question along those lines, If I take Dec 09 Level 1 and fail, do I need to get all new material for 2010 June?

yes, you do. they update the curriculum every year for the June exam.

Thanks, I guess the positive thing about taking Dec then is there might be alot of extra study used material like schewesser for cheap from candidates from June

Wait I was scheduled for dec '08… I never sat for the exam. Do I need to buy new materials for dec '09???