If I get 70% on the schweser mocks, should I pass Level 1?

If I get 70% on the schweser mocks, should I pass Level 1?

I’ve been reading a few of the threads and some people are hitting 75% - 80%…now that is clearly a comfortable position to be in. I would hope getting 70% - 73% on the schweser mocks would still be a pass on the real thing.

Should I be panicing and worring and staying up all night?

That said, we don’t have a large enough sample of what people are scoring and there is a bias towards good scores in this forum.

No need to worry and panic. You have another 15 days to get your scores up.

No, only the actual exam counts.

Actual exam is what matters. I’ve heard of people getting in high 50’s on mocks and passing the test and people in mid-70’s and failing the test. Keep studying!

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I have the Qbank but don’t have any schweser exams. How does the Qbank compare to the Schweser exams? Pretty much the same questions?

sad but true

Use the practice exams primarily as a learning tool, not some sort of yardstick by which you measure your chances of passing. I got destroyed on mocks and practices in years that I passed exam. I also did well on some mocks in years where I failed.

I would offer that the years that I got embarrased by the Boston practice test were also the years that I passed. The miserable practice test scores pushed me a bit harder in the last few weeks.

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I am not a very confident guy so when i took L1, on every single question of the exam i asked myself where CFAI has hidden the trap…what is the trick…what is window dressing what is the point…don’t use practice exams as a black and white benchmark for how you will do on exam day…know your stuff,find the traps,chase after every point and you will be fine!

I think getting 70% CONSISTENTLY on mocks means that you should feel relatively comfortable about the exam

its a good indicator but doesn’t mean the exam will be a cake walk.

I’ve yet to pass a mock exam (CFAI) and I don’t let it bother me.

A friend of mine consistently scored in the 85% range on mocks and failed the CFA Level 1 twice. She gave up. Clearly not a good test taker.

I just did my first Schweser mock and only scored 54%. Eeks. Granted, I just started studying this month so I’m hoping with 2 weeks of hard effort I can pull myself up into the 70%+ range.

Sucks for your friend. However, these antedotes on good mocks scores not being able to pass is making me more nervous.

Yup, I’ve even heard of people scoring up in the 90’s and failing (I specifically remember one post last year of somone in this situation). Point is you never know what will show up on the actual exam. But, if you’re doing well in mocks, it’s a good sign. Just keep your head on straight on exam day and don’t panic when you get a few quetions in a row where you feel like a deer in the headlights (because this WILL happen). Getting all worked up during the exam is probably the worst possible thing you can do to compromise your score. Panic is not your friend…calmness is.

Exam result is a function of 123124234 parameters and luck sadly is one of the factor too!

And mocks are only useful if and ONLY if you do what Alladin said here. Try to learn from mistakes and rectify them. Otherwise a bunch of twisted questions can catch anybody on the wrong foot!

Good luck folks!

mocks are an indicator , exam day matters

I know this is a 5 years old post but it is the most hilarious thing I have read on this site. You made my day! :smiley: