If I was a band 10 last year...

…how many correct questions, approx., was I away from clearing L2? Trying to get something to think till tomorrow!

1-3 probs

IMHO, Band 10 fail is an equivalent of day light murder angry

Sure? What if a person is at the lowest end of band 10?

120 questions in L2 * 70% estimated MPS / 10 bands - 8.4 questions per band. Just a guess.

My belief is that that 70% is not the absolute number of questions, it’s all relative. Schweser gives you the impression that if you score 70%+ then you pass, which may be true, but I think it’s also possible to pass even while scoring lower. MPS is not fixed and CFAI lifts or lowers it to maintain their pass rates.


Plus you have to assume that band 1 does not start at 0%.

all you band 10ers, what was ur average score in mock/sample exams?

Are you trying to correlate band 10 ranking vs mock exam score? Hmmm, interesting!

yea that would be the best indication in my eyes

Last year when i scored band 10…I was scoring between 55 and 62%. I can hear you say…well deserved band 10! "…Infact I predicted to myself that I would be either band9/10 or a pass…but what was shocking was

that as per the matrix I had scored really low in all subjects…and yet I was a band 10…

This year I was scoring between 65 and 70%…so let us see…I did ok on the exam…my prediction again is…band 8/9/10/pass/slightly better pass…including slightly better pass and 8/9 due to tricky nature of qs this year.

So basically you either just failed or passed :confused:

This resource from ‘300 Hours’ might help you with your calculation…