If Josh Gordon had any pride left he would retire

Actually, I think he just did. The hard way.

Hard to believe he is only 24 years old. He started his career at the tender age of 21.

should be back in 60-90 days

Has it actually been determined that he had any pride to begin with?

IN order to be fair, I don’t think the NFL should be the thought police or in the business of telling people they can’t enjoy themselves. Weed is not a performance enhancing drug, and it’s legal in several states now.

If they’re going to ban weed, then why not ban alcohol also?

who is Josh Gordon sir?

Johnny Manziel’s roommate.

Although I do not partake myself, I’m all for legalizing and taxing weed, but that’s not the current reality. Weed is illegal under federal law and on the NFL’s banned substance list. Every guy that declares for the draft or tries to walk on a team knows that going in. If guys are too stupid to just so no when they know saying yes will cost them millions of dollars, I have no sympathy.

^I agree, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

I can believe that Josh Gordon is an idiot, while at the same time think that the NFL is an idiot for banning weed and suspending him.

^ The NFL has no choice. They can’t condone the use of an illegal substance by failing to punish players for its use. I view weed as a relatively harmless drug, but it’s not the NFL’s job to decide which illegal substances are okay and which aren’t.

Well said, Higgs.