If Kevin Durant had any pride left, he would retire

3 reasons why KD going to the Warriors is different from LeBron going to the Heat:

  1. In Cleveland, LeBron had absolutely no talent around him. The best player on the team was Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

  2. The Heat was a good (but not great) team before LeBron came to town. He took them from good to great.

  3. LeBron was the leader of the team, both the Cavs and the Heat. If he won a championship, he was going to truly earn his ring, rather than just tagging along with an already championship-caliber team.

In order to be fair–KD didn’t have “The Decision”.


welcome to the new NBA, thats why there will never be a Tim Duncan again.

2017 NBA Finals: Toronto vs. San Antonio

Do you know who Dwyane Wade is, Greenman?

^Do you know who Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Igodala are?

Those four are a heckuvalot better than Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

I just feel like you’re underselling how good LeBron’s teammates were in Miami. He’s obviously the best player in the league and they wouldn’t have won without him, but Wade and Bosh were superstars and the former already had a ring.

^Let me get this straight–Wade and Bosh were superstars, and Wade had a ring.

Are you saying Steph Curry is not a superstar? That he doesn’t have a ring? That the other three guys (and I left Andrew Bogut out) don’t have rings?

If you think the 2011 Heat is better than the 2016 Warriors…we can’t have a conversation.

It’s actually astonishing how many assumptions you’ve jumped to in the past two posts. Settle down. Let’s not forget you’re the same guy who thinks Witten > Gronk so let’s not act like you have some rational track record of sports knowledge.

All I’m saying is Miami put together a stacked roster of players to compliment LeBron to get him his first ring too. No different than the Celtics did when Pierce/KG/Allen all joined forces as well. I never disparaged or took any credit away from Golden State, they’re obviously unbelievable. I don’t understand why it has to be so black and white. Because Curry/Klay/Draymond are better than Wade/Bosh suddenly makes those Miami teams a bunch of turds carried by LeBron? (See how easy it is to put words in people’s mouth?)

two different scenarios: Heat were in 5th place in the East going back to 2006. GS had the best record in the history of the NBA. Also the dinosaur Bosh was/is not a superstar.

two different scenarios: Heat were in 5th place in the East going back to 2006. GS had the best record in the history of the NBA and won the title the year before. Also the dinosaur Bosh was/is not a superstar.


^First, I said that 100% of Jason Witten is better than 60% of Gronk. (Since Jason Witten has only missed one game in his 13-year career, and Gronk can’t stay on the field.) And I stand by that.

Second, I never said the Heat had a lack of talent.

But after LeBron went to Miami (to join Wade and Bosh), several other players flocked together to make a Superteam. KD is chasing a ring by joining an already-made Superteam. Two different things.

LeBron made a great team even better. KD is skating to where the puck was and riding on the two-time MVP’s coattails.

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It’s hard to catch TD passes when you spend almost half the time on the sidelines wearing street clothes.


K. Chris Bosh was/isn’t a superstar. Awesome.

Guys - I get the situation is different. GS is established. Miami wasn’t. But it didn’t take a genius to figure out combining LeBron+Wade+Bosh was going to equal rings. C’mon.

had 2 in 4 years. not bad I guess, but the one was during a shortened season due to the lockout and the other was on a fluke 3-pointer by Ray Allen where he stepped on the line.

If GS doesn’t win more than 73 regular season games next year, KD should retire before the playoffs if he had any pride.

^regular season doenst mean jack

Weak move by KD, it’s like Lebron joining the Boston Celtics after losing to them in the Finals. He better win a ring next year or he should definitely considering retiring.