If kurtosis2014 aka Dutch Auction had any pride left, he would concede...

…to yours truly

ZB vs kurto face off in the 2017 AF fantasy football championship game

I hereby challenge you to bench your team and give up or I shall show no mercy on Sunday.

Admit defeat and I will let you enjoy a peaceful and joyous Christmas eve with your loved ones… Or else be prepared to sulk in a corner all day Sunday while I enjoy the festivities with your wife/gr/mom (if hot)/aunt (if hot)…

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Just be glad I wasn’t able to join the league this year, ZB. You wouldn’t have sniffed the finals if I were involved.

You guys have some pretty dominant teams, should be a good matchup.

The Falcons regressing big time this year killed me. My team blew.

I offered him the same chance on Sunday afternoon and he didn’t take it.

He barely squeaked by, or you’d have had to face Greenman the Great.

Whenever I see this commercial, I think about Greenman the Great