If not prepared - Write or No Show ?

If not prepared for the dec exams, is it better to proceed writing or just not show up? Please kindly comment on this…

Write…what do you lose?

I do not think one can be 100% confident about any exam. Only by preparing and doing questions we gain confidence. But if almost 11 weeks to the exam one does not know the structure of the questions-the most basic thing, not showing up and writing it may make no difference.

Take the exam; 1. now you’ll know how much prep you’ll need to do 2. you still have time to study, and come in prepared 3. if yoiur not prepared yoiu may get lucky 4. its only 1 day at the worst its worth it to see if you want to go through the exams

Write. The exam experience of seeing the Area 51 type security around you as you try and convert LIFO to FIFO is priceless.

LIFO to FIFO conversion is cake baby! its all that tax crap thats the killer! but yes, i cant wait to be strip searched/frisked/tazered at the test center!

don’t taze me bro

don’t taze me bro ======= CLASSIC! mc

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