If Phil Mickelson had any pride left, he would retire...


Retire from golf, or insider trading?

I’m going to go with option C: gambling

retire from what? lol

if he had any pride left, he should go win the US Open and he will. Oakmont here we come!

He should retire from both golf and investing…

he’s a washed-up has-been in regards to golf… he’ll never win another major again. The time has come for ol’Lefty to toss his clubs to the bottom of a lake and call it a career.

^ Pretty harsh for someone with an OWGR of 17 and 4 top 10’s so far this season.

^last time i checked, anything non-top two around here calls for a hacksaw to the sack… so, what you’re saying is, Lefty needs to cut his manhood with a dull rusty hacksaw

He has always fancied himself as quite the gambler. He doesn’t drink. Let him have his fun.

There must be an exception to this rule when your annual income exceeds $50 million.

^ He lives in CA though, so after taxes that’s only $1,473.

He is doing alright for himself. net worth at around 200mm. once number 1 golfer in the world…lol not many people are number 1 in their state at anything haha (let alone in the city). Gotta love Phil

^ Phil never made it to #1 in the world. He had a couple of chances but could not close the deal.

Annual PGA Tour Earnings & Earnings Rank

2016 YTD - 17th ($2.1 mil)

2015 - 39th ($2.2 mil)

2014 - 38th ($2.2 mil)

yeah you are right…his best was 2 I believe…Behind none other than Woods. Those years were so fun. History and legend taking place - Woods of course.

barely scraping by!


the PGA tour is a dream job. no one on this forum should be shitting on anyone on the tour.

I’ve long been a fan of Phil, but found his inability to grab the #1 spot for even a week when Tiger started losing ranking points to be very hacksaw. There is no doubt that Phil is the second best golfer of his generation, but letting Lee Westwood take #1 away from Tiger was weak. If I remember correctly, Phil had 2 or 3 tournaments in a row where all he needed was a top 5 finish or something like that and he would have been #1 and he couldn’t do it. Even Luke Donald and Martin Kaymer managed to get to #1.

Do people really remember who was where or for how long in the OWGRs? I mean, obviously Tiger’s run is significant but in the end we remember majors.

Of course Phil has his fair share of chokejobs in those too but he has a nice CV of wins. 5 majors is T-14 all time, and most of the guys ahead of him played in the days of like… no competition. He had to deal with friggin Tiger.

The man is a magician with the wedge. That’s no hacksaw.

net worth 200mm and 5 majors under his belt. Hacksaw? no way

We all know who Phil is…Does he even know you exist? lol Hacksaw.

During a U.S. Amateur matchplay, Phil had a 15 footer for birdie. His opponent had a 40 footer for par. Phil told him to pick it up. Phil drained the 15 footer and won the hole. True story… And if you don’t understand why this is legendary, you are and always will be hacksaw.