If Rafael Nadal had any pride left, he would retire.

He’s 29 going on 50. His body is broken down, had his worst season in over a decade last year and it’s getting worse. He can’t make it on a court anymore without a team of parademics following him around. This is not how the script was supposed to end.

who is this guy? i dont follow the NBA…

It’s a bit of a shame really. For a time he was being held up as the GOAT but now for me he’s in the Sampras bucket. Federer still the man for me but Djokovic will eclipse him.

My cynical streak says I wonder how Nadal’s body could have become so fecked up so quickly and how could he have been so immense for a period of 5-6 years and then fallen off so dramatically…

Eh while I understand the worries about stuff like this some people are built for the sprint others for the marathon. Nadal was a god on clay, but his body cant take the constant stress. Nothing wrong with it and no one I have ever had the pleasure of watching could play clay like him

I think Nadal can still be a factor on clay, but he is certainly struggling on the other surfaces as he ages and his body is breaking down. The guy has put his body through so much over the years. I don’t see him playing much after 30 or 31. He is quite self aware so I expect him to retire as soon as he knows he cannot win the French Open anymore.

He is an incredible athlete. One of the all time greats and one of the best competitors (if not the best) to ever play tennis.

Once age kicks in and you play such a physical style of tennis, it does downhill in a hurry. Plus, he has played through numerous physical ailments his entire career.

^ fair enough, the points both of you made make a lot of sense.

I’ve just always had him in my mental list of drug cheats alongside Lance, Usain and Michael P

^ It’s a sad sign of the times, but I think anyone with a career trajectory like Nadal’s has to be assumed guilty of PED use until proven innocent, which is basically impossible. I find athletes affiliated with Nike to be particularly suspicious.

i said he wouldnt make it past his 30th birthday on the tour. Think my prediction will stand. Fed on the other hand can play until he’s 40 and still be top 10.

i think when your playing style is to emulate a brick wall, eventually you end up a pile of rubble. incredible competitor, I am not his fan but the drive and physicality was undeniable. Fed’s incredible technique, intelligence, and shot selection are competitive advantages that can be sustained much longer than a grinder like Nadal.

Do people here like Novak? i find he’s an incredible player but personality wise leaves a lot to be desired.

Nadal’s career is particularly impressive because he faced Federer in his absolute prime for a number of years and came out on top mostly. Yeah I know most were on clay, but he still beat Federer in some huge matches on the other surfaces (that great WImbledon final comes to mind). He has also faced Djokovic in his prime along with Murray.

Djokovic is benefiting from no real up and coming stars. Fed and Nadal are both slowing down. No young guns are coming to the front.

Watching Federer play is like taking a cold shower. Watching Novak is like sinking into a hot bathtub

Novak seems more athletic than either. He is as fast as Federer, but seems more flexible and a better mover.

What does that mean? Some people like cold showers.

Personality wise, I notice a lot of Eastern Europeans adore Novak and feel like Federer is too bourgeoise (my word summarizing their dislikes). Is this a subconscious coldwar/cultural difference?


yeah i dont get the dislike either. The only fans of Novak I know are Eastern Europeans. Fed is liked around the world.

Love watching Novak play, when he is on he is basically unstoppable. From what I have seen of him you can get in his head and he will make a lot of mistakes. Excited to see what his career arc will be like, he is an amazing player.

What’s not to get? The man is COLD

GOAT? Whatever. Borg for life.

Borg? He retired before I was even born

Best ever, makes awesome underwear, and only gets better looking with age.

Pretty awesome human really.