If Sharapova had any pride left, she would retire

I don’t think we’ll be seeing her compete again. Maybe I’m just cynical but the fact that the drug isn’t available outside of eastern europe and clearly does enhance performance through improving endurance and recovery makes me think that she’s a cheat.

Even if it was a genuine mistake they should still give her a standard length drug cheat ban as it’s just careless, she can’t seriously be that sloppy with stuff like this when she makes $50m a year and presumably has a whole team behind her that closely monitor that kind of thing.

agreed. yet again another athelete is exposed for cheating.

She’s out 12 months minimum. Players have been busted for far worse things with lighter sentences

I don’t think anyone really cared about her athletic performance. I just liked watching her run up and down the court and have that stern Russian look on her face

it’s crazy that she’s the best paid female sports star considering how average she is at her sport. all about looks still.

sponsors are all running a mile though.

FTFY. I can see how you get confused, having the cheese instead of the head :wink:

haha yeah…tomatoe tomato.

Either way, that’s the only reason i watched her play

Average? Granted she’s not Serena Williams, but she was #1 in the world, has 5 GS titles (1 of them only 2 years ago), and is still ranked in the top 10 in thw world. That being said, she should retire and begin her “acting” career.

I hear you.

Luckily Djokovic has both


Quality and competitiveness of women’s tennis is a joke so I also agree that sharapova is pretty average

She’s tied with Hingis for most GS titles in the open era is 1 of only 6 to complete the career GS. You guys have a pretty high bar for being better than average.

This is AF, we have standards.

This coming from a bunch of guys who beat Federer back as amateurs I am sure. Oh wait. They could barely hit it over the net currently let alone compete ever.

Not Serena = hacksaw [/AF]

Not Anna Kournikova = hacksaw

Graf or Serena or hacksaw

maybe average isn’t the word but the point is that her tennis capibility isn’t befitting of her position as the top earning female sports star for the last 11 years. similar to beckham i suppose.

Turns out the Latvian manufacturers of the drug recommend it is taken for 4-6 weeks and sharapova is known throughout tennis as being very meticulous and particular. nailed on drugs cheat.

I cannot stand Sharapova especially her grunting and shrieking. She won a few grand slams on the back of her raw power, but she really is pretty average in most departments. She is not a good mover, has poor volleys and touch and her serve breaks down. Any professional male tennis player would beat Sharapova handily. It is hard to call Sharapova a great tennis player when I know my local tennis male pro would wax her in a match.

By extension, there are essentially no great female athletes, other than maybe gymnasts. Not saying I agree or disagree - it’s just a matter of categorization I guess.

agree. I only watch if they’re hot. beach volleyball is my fave