If Spieth had any pride left, he would retire.

Horrendous way to finish a dominating first three rounds at the Masters.Title aside, I’m sure he’ll bounce back and win the next major.

Was hard to watch. He is an amazing player still, certainly will win more

Tiger never folded like that. One of the bigger collapses I’ve seen

Did he six-putt a par 3?

No. He hit a terrible tee shot on a par 3 into the creek. He then went to the drop zone and absolutely laid the sod over it and hit it into the creek again. Dropped again and in the bunker then a two putt.

It was truly unbelievable. He’s never shown anything that even hinted he would do something like that. That being said, he’s been struggling all season.

how do you watch golf? i tried watching a bunch of times but just fall asleep…i like playing it much better

^ +1

I can watch pretty much any sport, even these silly pretend ones you have in the US, but I cannot for the life of me think why someone would watch golf.

Sounds like a pretty sensational meltdown though. Are we talking McIroy in 2011 level meltdown?

Well two years ago he did the same thing and hit it into the water on 12 and finished second. I would say that is a pretty strong hint that he does feel the pressure sometimes. But the second shot into the water was unbelievable from the best player in the world. To me it kind of reinforces how great Tiger is (love him or hate him). The guy never did anything like that with a lead.

Not sure that was really “the pressure” that cracked Jordan, he was fighting his swing the whole day. Didnt hit many shots where the tempo looked perfect like it usually does.

I asked my boss the same thing. He replied, “Well, I’d rather be watching fishing. That’s what I really enjoy watching.”

It perfectly incapulates the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. Unlike most other sports, there is time for a player to think. It’s not about reacting to an opponents moves. It’s just the player, against the entire field, and more importanly, against himself. Depite being played over 7,000 yards, golf is a game of fractions of degrees. The game immediately punishes mistakes.

The back nine on Sunday at Augusta is unlike anything else in sports. It consistently delivers, year-in, year-out.

That was devastating. It would have been better mentally for him had he never been a contender at all.


I can hear Jim Nantz gay voice echoing these sentiments

One-putt. But close.

One of the most talked about Augusta collapses is Greg Norman losing to Faldo in 1996. Norman started the day with a six stroke lead and Faldo just blew the doors off (plus Norman played poorly). For some perspective, Spieth started the BACK NINE with a five stroke advantage. Epic.

It was pretty windy on the weekend - that said the shot from the drop zone was … unbelievable.

I couldn’t watch golf before but since I started taking the sport more seriously, I do admire the guys playing and enjoy watching different approaches to the game. It just goes to show how difficult the game is when you can lose a championship on one hole despite leading for 3.5 days.

Anyways, love the kid. I know he’ll bounce back. It’s not like Day or McIllroy were anywhere close this time, and the very average scores just show how difficult the conditions and the course were.

really getting annoyed at the guy in the office trashtalking a 22yo 2 time majors champion and calling him a choker.

Spieth went from 5 up to 4 back in 50 minutes!

Is Dustin Johnson the best lockdown skinny man in golf?

its literally watching grass grow

You just have no appreciation for golf which is fine but why comment on the thread?