If Steph Curry had any pride, he would never retire

One of the greatest sporting performances of the 21st century. The injury and all just made it even more remarkable.

He’s reached Jordan levels of “must see tv” for me in a what is he gonna do this time way. It’s a shame he plays on the west coast and I miss his nationally televised games due to the later starts (at least during the week). Going through his statistics is an exercise in dropping jaws. He’s so efficient shooting threes it’s better for the Warriors for him to attempt one than give a wide open layup to a guy under the hoop. What the hell.

His off the charts three point performance this year is like nothing I’ve ever seen.


Is Chef Curry the best lockdown 3 point shooter since his coach

^Reggie MIller and Ray Allen coach the Warriors?

^ Steve Kerr is the all-time leader in 3 pt. %.

Edit: In looking that up, I noticed that Kyle Korver is actually top 10 all-time in both 3 pt. % and points (8th in both categories).

Looks like Curry will pass Kerr, at least at the rate he’s currently on.\

The other thing that’s crazy about Curry is his rate at beyond 25 feet. He attempts 8.1 shots per game at 25 feet or more and makes more than half of them. He freaking shoots 53.1% from 25 - 29 feet.

According to my calculations, if your name is Steve/Stephen you have a better chance of leading the NBA in 3pt %. Just a back of the napkin deal though.

GS going for 73 tonight.

It’s a shame that I have no interest in the NBA anymore. I’m probably missing out on watching a team of real historical significance.