IF stmt XL question

i have a separate column for whether an option is in or out of the money (s-x)…what is the IF formula to have an out of “IN” or “OUT” in the column? is that clear? thank you

you would do something like =if(a1>0,“IN”,if(a1<0,“OUT”,"AT)) That’s saying if the value is greater than zero than enter “IN” in the cell, if it’s less than zero, then enter “OUT”, if its equal to zero, do “AT” for at the money. If you don’t want the “AT” you can just do =if(a1>0,“IN”,“OUT”). Is that what you were looking for/

bigwilly, its been a long time buddy…hope all is well…how goes the prep? that worked…thanks… one more q - how do i conditional format so each In and Out are diff colours…this is a dynamic field b/c its linked to bloomberg? much appreciated

i got it…no worries

lol…the prep is going, my motivation ineeds a boost! Just feel like I’m reading the same stuff over nd over, but questions get more tricky. How bout you?