If there is only one question on level 1...

which question do you think?

Cash flows

Dupont ROE, know it cold.

with my luck it will be about a lease

sorry sharp, but leases will def be on it what you have trouble with, maybe we can help you out

thanks getterdone, i’ll probably be posting some questions over the weekend, i’m doing a hardcore review of SS9 at the moment

no problem buddy, best of luck, FSA is a biatch!

leases, taxes, direct cash flow building, inventory, it all sucks

too bad its worth the most on the exam eh?

you guys think they’re be more questions on Asset backed Securities due to recent events? maybe the risk involved with it? :P.

yeah fsa blows hard my overall average in schweserpro is 80% but SS9 is the lowest at 64% followed by 67% for SS18 and 68% in ss17