If there was any doubt that there are multiple versions of the exam....

It was definitely erased on Saturday Afternoon. At about the 2:00, 2:15 mark of the exam, you could hear alot of *sighs* by people in the exam that was written in Winnipeg. Talking to most people, it was the last two sections of Fixed Income and Derivitives that seemed to get to people. I always wondered if there was multiple versions of the exam that CFA distributed on the say but it seems, from what I gather on the board, that this notion is a false one.

No.They only can swap AM/PM sections on different regions.

Def, multiple versions. Has to be because If I wrote it in Australia Saturday morning I would have had half a day to write down everything I know and email it to you!

You would have scored 100 percent and the score for North America would have increased the curve.

^ But then again you would not do that since you have signed that you agree to abide by the CFA Code and Standards

True, but what if you didnt read that part of the Standard? LOL.

For example, each time I do an ethics ITEM set, I find out something is a violation when before I wouldnt think so until I got the question wrong!

I honestly didnt know that working at a bar part time for 30 hours was a violation to your employer! I am being serious.

There definitely is. I’m about 100% certain the guy to the left of me was asked to compute the standard deviation of a multi asset portfolio 60 straight times in both the morning and afternoon. I kid you not it sounded like a type writer for three straight hours twice. Lucky for this guy, he must of had some top-secret, undestructible titanium edition of the BA ii plus because there is no way a normal calculator could have took the punishment from the power and speed of this mans finger. If anyone in Nashville was within 25 feet of the bottom left hand corner of the testing room, I guarantee they can confirm what I say is true… Absolutely unbearable.

It’s a violation if it appears that the other commitment may hinder your full time performance.

For example, an 8 hour/week bartender job is not a violation, while a 20 hour/week is.

There is no set rules for such, but it should be common sense (or moral sense).

Well, if one wanted to, one could send his cousin to go sit the exam in Canberra - and himself appear in LA. All you’re doing is paying 2x the fees and cost of your cousin’s flight to Australia. If one wanted to, I don’t see a reason why one couldn’t.

Just saying, those who want to do it - will find a way

This is the funniest post I have come across on AF. Laughing out loud…Hahahahaahaha

LOL sorry to hear that. Maybe he was workign overtime on last question of the ethics portion in the afternoon.

Both would have to had passed level I though to sit level II.

At least you know you are all writing the same test in the room when everybody “groans” when they get to a section at the same time.

I wrote in Winnipeg and bounced around quite a bit, based on the time my groan was on quant

Bobby, what did you think of Fixed Income and Derivatives in the afternoon?

I knew fixed income really well so I was ok with it in the PM, I also found derivatives easier in the PM than AM. With that said I had studied the PM derivatives stuff really in depth because a friend who wrote the exam a couple times before had told me he got questions exactly like what we got a few years ago on consecutive exams. It didn’t show up on last years so I had a strong feeling it might come up again so thankfully for me that study time paid off. I struggled with econ and quant, never have done well on that stuff. And alt investments I only know forsure I got the last question correct, the first five questions I think I maybe got 2/5 for a 3/6 total on that item set.

Based on what I’ve been reading on here it seems almost 100% there are different versions of the test and my guess is that the form numbers that they get you to check on both the bubble sheet and the booklet are what identifies the different versions of the test. I think ours were 2010 in the AM and 2011 in the PM? I’d be willing to bet that other people in different time zones had different form numbers.

I recall the same form numbers as you Bobby – I’m in the Eastern time zone.

Afternoon FI and Deriv. were murder for me. 50% would be a success…

I’m central. I’m thinking since you and I are only an hour apart we wouldn’t have a different exam because there would be no way for you to relay the information to me as we are writing at almost the same time but I’m guessing it must be if there is say a 4 or 5 hour time difference.

Makes sense – perhaps there is a western hemisphere version and an eastern hemisphere version of the exam. A test taker in Hawaii (if they even have a test center there) would be taking the test almost 24 hours after someone in New Zealand, giving plenty of potential to relay information.

lol nice one nash. you’re on my radar now