If time is money I need a loan! as the day gets closer to my mba. i feel my time slipping away

have you ever felt like you want to slow things down a bit? right now i have the luxury of free time and im playing dota. but i am weary of the future when i lose my saturdays. it makes me think back of the shitty days i had to put up with the cfa exams.

It won’t be nearly as bad as the CFA. I did it in two years with two kids and both me and my wife working full time.

lol thats pretty awesome. any advice on what to focus on?

Yeah - your classmates. It’s about networking you goof. Although in your case, you should leave your female classmates alone.

If they offer any classes in some of the industry trends, like Python, that would be a plus to be able to mention. Same with extracurriculars: my school had a club that got to play with a Bloomberg terminal once a week. Best believe ya boy was there.

my female coworker laughed at your comment. she agrees with your advice. not necessarily cuz id hit on them, but mostly cuz i say some pretty ridonkculous sketchy things and might get canceled.