If we buy fixed assets on credit, how does it affect cash flows?

Suppose we bought PPE of 1 million in credit in year 1, and pay the credit back in year 2. How do we record it on the cash flow statements?

Is it like:
Year 1: No cashflow change
Year 2: CFO -1million

Year 1: CFI -1million CFO +1million
Year 2: CFO -1million

Or even:
Year 1: CFI -1million CFF +1million
Year 2: CFF -1million

How would we record it properly?

its the last 1.

But I thought payable is part of the working capital so it should be part of operating cash flow not CFF?

i dunno on wc. i thought wc relates to current assets/libailities. i just know this.
you invested so cfi is negative
you financed so cff is positive.
then you paid it off so cff is negative.
presumably you paid it off with cash on hand, or from cfo.

cfo is a function of profits and the non cash changes, and wc.

Thank you