If we pass...

…do you think the charter will have that lame @ss new logo on it?

I dont want to hang it and have people thinking I went to interior design college…

oh jeez I didn’t think of that… the previous official logo was on the charter (the one where the C is sliced and dual colored)

But would they go through the trouble of printing a multi color logo on it?

haha…guys…the ultimate first world problem.

I’ll take it with the cheesy logo, printed on a cardboard box, with water stains and my name spelled wrong. Just as long as I get to put the three letters after my name on a business card.




Don’t worry, most people take the charter out of the tube when it arrives and slide it back in never to actually look at it again. I didn’t even know where mine was until I moved last year.

Not me…I will have mine surrounded by neon arrows pointing at it with spotlights shooting into the sky and the dancing frog from looney tunes singing on a little shelf above it…

+1 - I took it out, shuddered at its massive size, and put it back again. I don’t know where it is now.

Ha ha, how true. How many of us had our college diplomas promptly framed or laminated on wood? I did and haven’t look at it since.

I clearly have joined this site late in the game, but IF I pass I suspect the diploma would go the way of my college and post-grad degrees, still rolled up. I am with GPM here, it’s the letters I want.

To be honest i never really felt attached to my degree certificate…i looked at it once then put it away…

I’m framing mine, and tacking it on my wall in my office. I’ll consider large neon arrows pointing to it.


I like the dancing frog idea more than the neon. Could be useful in getting clients in the door if you’re client facing.