If we're going on a date


Another reminder why it’s so nice to have already been married for 40 years.


its disgusting because she is not a hot.

Why would I ever ask a chick out who has a kid anyways…?? Dafuq nerdy. I thought you was alpha.

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lol true. i have been put in this situation before and have usually dipped but it was because they were poors. but what if they were young hot wealthy but with a kid. i personally wouldnt mind. would you?


Thank goodness she didn’t ask for a to go box for the baby daddy!! :roll_eyes:

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I’d never go out let alone date a woman who has a kid. Life risk management 101.

Ya I would mind! Do you know how many hot chicks are still out there that DONT have kids?

well to each his own. imo. if she is wealthy. then it doesnt really matter because its the nanny’s problem anyways.

I used to be the same but now that I’m a “baby daddy” (not a fan of that term), women without kids judge me the same way, sad!

2 words: :brain: :luggage:

As you get older, the women without some sort of baggage (exes, kids, etc.) get fewer and further between. (or is it “farther between”? Sweep and S2000, please opine.)