If you could change one thing about yourselves

What would it be ?? Please start the dialogue of discussion

Damn qwb, 7 threads at once on WC front page. You looking for attention or something?

I’d want ultimate will power… or maybe ultimate attention to detail… hard call…

My hands. My hands are cute you know, girls stare at them. But, seriously, I hate them some times, they sweat directly proportional to my level of nervousness. Having a hot female in front is not always an easy moment…

give them your hands to massage them.

probably about time you got banned, dude.


why ? If it’s the amount of posts, I won’t post again for a month

This belongs in the Feedback Forum.

I’d like to be a non-Indian loser living in his mom’s basement who posts to internet forums pretending to be an Indian loser living in his mom’s basement.

Your aspirations are commendable. Truly those of one worthy to be looked up to.

^ Tanks.

Go away Rahul.

go do your level 2 topic tests

I wish I was a little bit tallerI wish I was a ballerI wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call herI wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a batAnd a six four Impala

Hahaha WTF, cross posts.

Hey dudde, this is real, not a joke.

we’re lawyers!

Bird law