If you could go back in time, to before you took your first Level 1 exam, what advice would you give yourself?

Those of you that have completed level 3 or are Charterholders, looking back on the entire process of preparing for and passing all three exams… just the whole 2-5 year process in general… is there anything you wish you would have done differently? Any Regrets? Or if you went back in time, what would you tell your younger self that you think would have helped?

Nothing springs to mind.

Nothing different. I was a 3-in-3 (passed all on first try.) Also, I knew I wanted to do it for my own sake (not to break in finance or not pressured by boss to do it, etc.)

Congrats. I know that must be a great feeling to just be 3/3 and done with it and not have to worry about it again. Yep. When it comes to anything in life, Im a firm believer that self motivation is the best way to attain success

once you got it, you’ll feel devilsh happiness when you see coworkers have to suffer through it

I would tell me that if you study just as hard for L2 as you do for L1, you are virtually guaranteed a Fail. That’s the only place I really think I screwed up.

Seems to be a solid consensus. My plan right now is to take however long I end up studying for my level 1 and upping the amount for level 2 to no less than 1.5x as much. Better to study extra in the short term than have to wait another year and study just as much, if not more.

You’ve got to give it your all or don’t even bother. Don’t waste your time half-assing it.