If you could have done it again, how would have you changed your study habits?

Curious for those who were a little shaky…

Not enough time?

Not enough practice questions?

Poor studying regimn?

What held you back?

The only thing I’d change is to spend less time on quants. Maybe to start as early as possible with the qbank as well…

I forgot a very important thing: I should’ve joined Analyst Forum much earlier. This is a huge place to understand key concepts as well as to clarify doubts.

Ethics, ethics, ethics! I would have read the entire ethics section (only about 150 pages) the week of the exam. I read through it twice but the last time had been a few weeks prior to the exam. Would have been much sharper on ethics if I’d read it in the days leading up to exam.

The only thing I would change is the damn conceptual studying.

All you need to understand are the basics…not the super hard formulas and sh!t

just do scheweser mock exams but easier meaning more conceptual/understanding the material. like understand why the questions equal the answer in a non mathematical way.

  • if that makes any sense

Agree with rolltidewinnner. Try out mocks from different companies. Schweser was very quantitative which made me prepared and I had the formulas down like the back of my hands but its equally important to know the meaning behind for example in economics why imperfect competition has negatively sloped demand, in ethics, how you must maintain relationships between clients and agencies etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, I still studied these and after checking most of my answers with notes *I think* I answered most correctly.

I would also supplement my studying with flash cards. They seemed like an elementary suggestion when I read it but looking back, I see how useful they could have been.