If you could nominally rank the following:

In terms of ‘peculiarness’ (if at all)… how would you rank these routines if you did them by yourself:

go to a bar…

go to a strip club…

go to a comedy club…

go to a haunted house…

Strip club Comedy club Bar Haunted house

  1. Bar

  2. Comedy club

  3. Stip club

  4. Haunted house

i don’t go to comedy clubs or haunted houses

  1. Haunted house

  2. Comedy Club

  3. Bar

  4. Strip club

I’d feel totally comfortable going to a bar or comedy club by myself. Not sure about strip clubs because I don’t really go to them unless it’s with a group of friends anyway. Doing a haunted house by myself would just be weird.

  1. Comedy club

  2. Bar

  3. Haunted house

  4. Strip club

Haunted house is a bit weird… but you are a total loser if you go to strip club by yourself…

least weird to most




haunted house

But I put a big gap between 1 and 2. Strip/comedy clubs aren’t meant to be enjoyed alone. Bars, I do it all the time, mostly to just enjoy a few drinks to myself/clear the head before heading home for the day. Haunted houses…haven’t been to one since I was, like, 12?

All of those are fine except the haunted house bc the high level of kids… it’s kinds like going to Chuck e cheese by yourself, screams pedo. But I don’t necessarily think it’s normal or healthy to do any of the 4 alone.

Just go to a concert. #notstrange

How about movies? I’ve been to the theater alone once before, but I was in a foreign city and hung over as tits, and the hotel kicked me out (early checkout time). I just wanted somewhere dark to take a nap before driving home.

I went to see a movie alone once. Nowadays, it’s so easy to find movies online though… so there is not much point.

Going to a haunted house alone means you’re a pedo or a psycho.

I’ve always seen people alone at strip clubs and bars, so I guess that’s not too uncommon.

Psycho maybe, but why pedo?

Hmm… good point. Never thought of that. But a lot of the Haunted Houses in NYC are age 18-21+… I was about to drink at a bar, then go to a Haunted House and pretend I was part of the cast and grab some college girls’ butts with both hands in the dark corridors and yell ‘Booo!’ or ‘Happy Halloween’. Thought it would be cozy and macabre.

  1. haunted house

  2. comedy club

  3. strip club

  4. bAr

bar on the road isn’t that weird, although local bar on the reg is mad creepy. Strip club you might just want a hot chick to grind your shit in exchange for money instead of time or potential, so that shit is alright. Other 2 are social events to me so the weirdest.

haunted house by far.that’s just retarted.

bar’s and strip clubs next.

comedy clubs the least

least to most weird

  1. bar (depending on the timde: after work is cool, but on a saturday night looks like you have no friends— unless you have a good excuse like your traveling)

Insert huge gap

  1. strip club – this is weird.

  2. comedy club – this is weirder

  3. haunted house – absurdly strange

Unless it’s 18+, it is pedo.