If you could pick 2 states to own places where you reside -

Which would you pick?

NY + CA for me

One of: CO/WY/ID

One of: WA/PA/CA

PA primarily because of family and growing up there.

For personal enjoyment or owning physical real estate as investment property in?

Mainly where you prefer to live

Hawaii and Montana. I Live in CA so its the closest I get to having mountain wilderness and ocean although not as good as those two states.


NYC + Sillicon Valley

my man

Utter Pradash and Gujarat

Sweet - north shore +++

I’d prefer a wave to surf, and a slope to board.

#Hawaii #Colorado

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my bro


VT - people there know how to enjoy life and Its natural beauty

Then maybe Montana. Would have been Kauai until that douchebag fvckerberg took over.

brah if you’re around OC we can hit the town

Colorado for the skiing, climbing and hiking. California or Massachusetts otherwise. I love mass… But Cali seems so nice. And Yellowstone…

Tennessee and Florida… Tennessee for the barbecue and Florida for the golf courses and fishing.

Wyoming for a summer vacation home and the east coast of FL for the rest of the year. Somewhere around St. Augustine.

Fuck Florida.

cali or florida. i love hot beaches.

Is the question where you would want to live, or where you would want to own real estate if you lived there?